Enriched Listings for Directories Make a Difference

Virtually every business uses online directories.  To be successful, businesses need to be found.  The question is, do businesses have enough directories?  In addition, do they have the right directories? I am asking the latter question only because niche directories can make a big difference.  Businesses often neglect TripAdvisor.  If the Business is located in an area with a key attraction (wine country, recreation spot, famous landmark, etc.), then yes, by all means TripAdvisor is a MUST HAVE for any business in that GEO-LOCATION.

I have recommended businesses have 20-30 directories.  Yes, more is better.  Click here if you  are not sure about your own directories.

Directories are important, but let’s talk about Enriched Content for your directories.

ENRICHED CONTENT FOR LISTINGS DEFINED:  So let’s talk about the information used to complete each directory because today not all directory services are the same.  You have to take a look at what information goes into  the directory. Click here >> THIS IS A MUST DO!  Let me tell you what “enriched content for listings” is all about.  An enriched content for listings includes additional information fields other than NAP (name, address, phone).

A recent study (The Yext 2015 Comparative Listings Study) analyzed 14 popular listing information fields to identify which fields could increase customer engagement and foot traffic.  The Study Fields included URL, Twitter handle, FB page URL, email, calendar, gallery (photos), Menu (restaurant or services), Product List, Logo, videos, Descriptions, hours, payment options and special offer.


Across the board, all 14 fields had a positive impact on all four metrics of engagement when compared to a minimally (1/14) completed listing.

  • Searches increased 347%.
  • Yelp had 214% more page views.
  • Listing views increased 416%.

In addition, specific fields, when completed for Major Verticals, influenced listing views.  These Verticals include:

  • Food & Dining – URL’s  +85%
  • Retail – Payment Options  +105%
  • Financial Services – Hours  +190%
  • Automotive – Logo  +141%
  • Hospitality – Videos  +117%

This strongly suggests businesses need to go beyond Name, Address & Phone for their listings.  LISTINGS NOW NEED TO BE CONSIDERED AS A NEW MARKETING CHANNEL.


  1. For Yelp, listings with hours received 120% more page views.  This likely is due to Mobile Users
  2. Links to Twitter & Facebook receive 54% to 83% more more listing views
  3. Listings with photos, videos & descriptions receive 45% to 61% more listing views. I suggest this content is readily available and can be easily re-purposed for online directories.
  4. Enhanced content lists such as calendars, menus & product lists receive up to 120% more listing views.  This is especially important for beauty & restaurants.

CONCLUSION:  Businesses now have an opportunity to paint a more compelling picture for their new customers. ENRICHED LISTINGS HAS NOW BECOME  A BEST PRACTICE IN ONLINE MARKETING. The additional information is simple and easily obtained.   Click here to run your own listing report.

I can now help you update all your directories in a matter of 24 hours.  All directories will have the same identical information.