37 Reasons to Do a Press Release

37 Reasons to Do a Press Release

The power of the Press Release is not fully realized by small business. Here’s why it needs to be reconsidered as a trusted marketing strategy.  There really are 37 Reasons to do a Press Release.

The Google Algorithm

We all know GOOGLE maintains an algorithm that ultimately determines online ranking.

  • The Location of the searcher to a physical business makes a difference.
  • The Physical Address of a business is determined by the number of times and consistency an address and other contact details appear in online searches.  This results in a citation for the address and site.
  • Google knows where a business is by tracking the location of peoples’ phones.

So here is the bottom line.

With more citations, you get more ranking power for a specific business AND the type of business it represents.

Graphic provided by Press Cable

Get Safe Citations with Google

A press release can get you over 300 of these Google “safe” citations in under 24 hours, literally overnight.  It is unclear whether it is the citation that causes the increase in ranking, or the increase in click-through traffic by potential customers.  It seems to be the two working together generates great results for local businesses.

Either way, it is clear the address is a critical component of the press release.

When you couple the address with a search for non-standard long-tailed keywords showing buyers’ intent you set the stage for sustained ranking power on Google.  Why not add the Press Release to your Online Marketing Strategies.  It’s smart business.

The End Result of a Press Release

The end result is an…

  • efficient
  • fast running
  • successful
  • powerful marketing campaign.

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