Transform Your LinkedIn Profile with Your Personal Branding

Here are some cool statistics on LinkedIn. Right now there are 146 million users in the United States. The age group of 32-49 years comprises one-third of the total. See The Statistics Portal for details. LinkedIn reaches over 200 countries and territories. Suprisingly, 70% of the users on LinkedIn are outside the United States. Here’s an interesting stat. Adding a picture to your profile makes it 36 times more likely you will get a message on LinkedIn. Click here to see DMR Stats.  LinkedIn Profiles with photos get 21 times more profile views.

LinkedIn should be included in your Online Strategies

I like LinkedIn for the business networking capabilities. LinkedIn provides some excellent advanced search options which includes the ability to focus on certain key words. The Premium Level provides the added advantage of emailing to key contacts, If you are conducting a job search or do routine B2B networking then paying the $50 monthly fee is a worthy investment. Another option is to take advantage of recently introduced software that help you more easily manage the business uses of LinkedIn.

So back to the issue of using LinkedIn to promote your personal brand. The primary reason you want to upgrade your LinkedIn profile is to develop a dynamic marketing page that reflects your personal brand. Whether you are a company or an individual, your LinkedIn profile often initiates a starting point to optimize your Online Presence. This includes networking, sharing dynamic content, and establishing new & exciting business relationships.

During your review of your personal profile you should pay close attention to your title, which is just under your name. Transform your title with a captivating call-to-action statement. In fact, it should be a reflection of your primary area of expertise. Although the LinkedIn Summary is limited to 2000 characters, it provides plenty of space to highlight your personal brand in a simple and concise manner.

You may want to include your testimonials of your past work, since reviews often reflect one’s integrity and work ethic. The primary reason to include 3rd party testimonials is to establish trust with your prospective networkers or clients. It actually takes 6-10 FIVE Star Reviews to establish trust. Continuing with the Summary you will want to include your products or services, highlight your approach to business, define your ideal customer or client and even touch base on your biggest challenge. Most of this information is pretty straight forward but it provides great way to introduce your personal story.

Overall the strategy is to highlight your Call-To-Action Title with a powerful Summary that will attract possible employers, attract potential new employees and even possible networkers. That’s was LinkedIn is all about. Forming new and fulfilling business relationships is the GOAL. For more information click here to see a short video on the Transforming your LinkedInProfile.

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Top 8 Strategies to Optimize Your Personal Branding

I am pleased to share with you my Passion through a personal branding statement. My branding statement is really an evolution of my past 4 years in internet marketing. So Here Goes!!

“I support entrepreneurs, consultants, and professional business owners. These 3 business types all need to optimize their online presence to grow their business. Although I may not have all the answers, I do provide knowledge or business solutions that shorten the learning curve and get you on your way to more business & more sales.”

I am going to provide a quick perspective on some great resources that are critical in getting greater online visibility.

1. Business Listings – Every business needs to optimize their online listings or directories. This starts with the major search engine Google. You need to Verify your “GoogleMyBusiness” Listing and participate in Google+ and Google Maps. You need to include other search engine listings and social media listings. It is no longer just NAP or name address & phone. You need to appreciate the value of enriched content, which can increase your views 4-fold. Being a Yext Certified Partner, I can help businesses with their online directories. Typically, we work with 70+ directories. Month to month plans are readily available.

2. Social Media Profiles– Focus on your online profile. Using a strong personal branding statement establishes you as an authority figure in your business niche. You may want to begin with LinkedIn. Virtually everyone in business is listed on LinkedIn. Use a call-to-action statement for your title. This is eye catching and will get that person to get more information from your profile. Don’t minimize the value of your profile. People go there to check out what you do.

3. Reputation Management – Customer testimonials are so important in building trust. Prospective clients will most likely go online and search for reviews, whether it be on Yelp or another search engine directory. It is important to engage with your customers or clients to provide feedback on your products or services. It takes a least 6 FIVE Star reviews to establish trust.

4. Video – Video has many applications in business. Whether a video is used to promote a testimonial or to advertise your product or services people just out prefer video. It’s visual and easy to see. Don’t forget that YouTube is the #2 search engine. This means YES. DO VIDEO! I do produce 60 second promo videos and 2 minute LinkedIn PROFILE VIDEOS. When you are ready for a LinkedIn review give me a call.

5. Keywords – Know your keywords. This is what drives the ship in online visibility. It is important to do your homework on your competition. Know their keywords. Key words work for your website, social postings and your videos. Insert your keywords into LinkedIn searches and Google Searches.  You may be surprised on what you see.  Contact me for assistance at any time.

6. The Web Site or Blog site is used to further define your branding. I do not get overly involved in website development. I do create Lead Generating Sites for a particular niche since key words and SEO are primary drivers for lead development. Consider getting a Mobile App solution.  Although only 33% of the small business web sites are mobile optimized, it is safe to say this number is rapidly changing. Mobile users are far more receptive to “push notifications” versus emails, hence the mobile app is a fantastic opportunity to promote a business.

7. I provide a Media Expert solution. This is a process where you create a press release, using your personal branding statement and post on a national network affiliate. This allows you to state “…as seen on network news” on your social media profile, website, or business correspondence.

8.  Lastly, text marketing is rapidly becoming a new practice.  Open rates for text messages exceed 90%.  Text marketing vendors offer different applications, including keyword texting, group texting, texting campaigns and even connections to a CRM.

To summarize, I support entrepreneurs, consultants & small business owners with innovative online business solutions to optimize their online visibility and reputation.

So that’s it for now. Thank you for tuning in.