Breaking News on the VIP Gift Card

Travel has always been a big deal for me. After having flown over 3 million miles I am delighted to present something to you that offers great value in travel.

Imagine having a $200 gift that you can give away to anyone, anytime for FREE. And what if that gift was good for booking hotels and resorts ANYWHERE in the world, at great discounts, even when compared to other online sites.

Introducing the GOOD LIFE VIP Card. And guess what? There’s more! It is a gift that gives back to you.

110% Guaranteed Lowest Rates
The VIP Gift Card provides exclusive hotel discounts worldwide.

Here’s how the VIP Card works…

Simply follow the instructions on the back of the card to activate your card. Simply choose your destination and the dates you want to travel. Your $200 savings must be used within 2 years and can be used any time you want.

No blackout dates, no commitments and nothing to sign up for. It’s a free gift and there are no strings attached. Here’s the exciting part. The only thing better to receiving the $200 gift is being able to give it away and receive $100 for giving it away.

You simply give away $200 VIP cards to everyone you know, including your friends, customers, & local businesses. And when they activate and use the $200 gift, $100 cash comes back to you. The card costs only 20 cents. Think of all the creative ways this card can be used…as a thank you to your loyal customers, as a fund raiser by schools, churches, charities or non-profits. Simply ask for a small donation of $5, $10 or $20. The possibilities are endless.

Businesses are using the card to attract new customers. Imagine an Insurance Agent using the card as a personal thank you for new insurance policy holders. Car dealers could use it as an incentive to test drive a new or used car. Pretty cool!!

Co-branding the card is simple easy. There is no better way to promote your brand. It’s creative advertising and great exposure for business, schools, charities, sports teams or non-profits. All designed to help market your fundraising.

And just to remind you again… each time someone checks into their hotel and uses their free gift you get to collect $100 in addition to the cash donations you already have raised.

And imagine this. How would it pay to travel?   Just simply hand out $200 VIP cards while you enjoy a cool beverage at the pool to your fellow travelers. How many cards could you give away? Imagine getting $100 for each card you give away. It’s all part of what we call living the good life.

And finally, affiliate online marketers are tapping into the Good Life USA VIP Card opportunity. It’s a perfect add-on to other products or services. There’s plenty of information to check out.

Check out this 24 hour recording a (844) 341-0033 for more information.  My email is