Did you know your business may be at risk?   

Studies show that businesses can lose up to 80% of their customers as a result of JUST ONE negative post online.    It’s the $100,000 threat you can’t ignore.     There is now a way to protect your business from negative online publicity by monitoring Keyword Traffic.

So, what Is RepWarn?

It’s a Reputation Management Software.

Repwarn is your 24/7 Web monitor. You can monitor your BRANDS, Your Products, Your People and even your competitors. You can keep track of unlimited Keywords and Phrases.    Anytime anyone mentions your keywords or phrases, even if they are sending an angry tweet about you, or posting a review on Yelp. RepWarn will know.

If you KNOW about what people are saying, you can deliver the service to make them happy.  It’s communication! Too often though, you simply don’t know until it is too late.   A security guard that NEVER sleeps. RepWarn scans the web every 5 min, so you’ll always be one of the first to know when someone posts a review of your business, even if it’s negative.

Every e-mail you get includes a link straight to the conversation, so you can jump in and reply, often solving ANY issues that arise before they become a social media storm.

Additionally, by setting RepWarn as your lead generation tool – you are able to have the links of the people who are looking online, at your product or service, delivered to you right now. All resulting in more sales.

Check out this stunning software to learn more on how RepWarn can help you grow your business.   You will discover RepWarn is a great resource to manage your online reputation, protect your current sales and gain more customers.

If you have any questions contact Kim Kersten.