There are a couple of new products in the market that will be a great resource for businesses to further define their brand.  One of these new resources is the Online Scorecard (OSC)Click here to see your Online Scorecard.  You may also hear the term Reputation Scorecard.

Here is what the Scorecard offers:

  1. Visibility Grade & Summary: The OSC provides both the national & local directories you are aligned with and whether or not any updates are required.  This may be as simple as updating the address or phone number.  The OSC also shows the number of Reviews with each directory.   The OSC also provides a summary.
  2. Reputation Grade: The SC indicates whether you have reviews with listings.  No reviews with a listing will lessen your score.  This provides opportunity to get more reviews posted on more listings.
  3. Negative Reviews: The OSC will show the Negative Reviews.  You can also see the Positive Reviews.  All Reviews in chronological order.   The key take away is Positive Reviews will displace the Negative Review.  This is especially true if there is a Feedback Review Process in place.
  4. Video Visibility Grade: The OSC will reflect a video presence in an Online Search, Website and YouTube.  Videos are now frequently used to market businesses. Over 50% of all consumers routinely look for videos to judge a business.
  5. Great Analytics: Good decision making always requires good data.  You get it here.
  6. Opportunity to built equity: An ongoing program to gain new customers and market to current customers provides greater value when you decide to sell your business.

So that’s the Online Scorecard.  Click here to see your Online Scorecard.  You will need your Business Name, Business Phone and Email to get access to your free Online Scorecard ($197 Value).

One of the biggest challenges to small businesses is how do you manage the negative testimonial.   I recently spoke with an insurance agent about this issue.  She is dealing with a negative review posted on a major directory and she didn’t even know the person who wrote the review.  It appears the business is always last to know if a negative testimonial is posted.

If you have read my previous postings you will know the market is more demanding good information. This is another great reason why the Online Scorecard is a breakthrough product.   In fact, 92% of consumers go online for information to judge a business. More than 96% of Millenials need to see at least 6-10 FIVE STAR REVIEWS to gain trust in a business.  This revealing statistic can be interpreted to mean, “5 STAR REVIEWS” are the key to building a brand in today’s world.  Whether you own a restaurant or a healthcare practice, you need 5 STAR REVIEWS to keep your business growing & busy.

It is obvious small businesses need to be proactive in optimizing the 5 STAR REVIEW process.  The SIGN IN System is a great resource to facilitate 5 STAR REVIEWS.  The SIGN IN System (click here to see a SIGN IN example) provides the business an option to send their customers a SMS text or email for feedback on their recent experience with a product and/or service.  The Feedback Review is a powerful tool to overcome any negative testimonials.

The Online Scorecard is an excellent resource to help you make good marketing decisions.  Here are some easy to implement strategies:

  1. The SIGN IN Form makes your Feedback Reviews far easier to facilitate.
  2. Expand your online presence by adding more national directories.
  3. Add Videos to your marketing strategies.
  4. Focus on 5 STAR REVIEWS. It negates negative Reviews and means more business.
  5. Contact Kim Kersten at 707-372-0742 to discuss any of the above strategies.

Click here to access your Online Scorecard.