Transform Your LinkedIn Profile with Your Personal Branding

Here are some cool statistics on LinkedIn. Right now there are 146 million users in the United States. The age group of 32-49 years comprises one-third of the total. See The Statistics Portal for details. LinkedIn reaches over 200 countries and territories. Suprisingly, 70% of the users on LinkedIn are outside the United States. Here’s an interesting stat. Adding a picture to your profile makes it 36 times more likely you will get a message on LinkedIn. Click here to see DMR Stats.  LinkedIn Profiles with photos get 21 times more profile views.

LinkedIn should be included in your Online Strategies

I like LinkedIn for the business networking capabilities. LinkedIn provides some excellent advanced search options which includes the ability to focus on certain key words. The Premium Level provides the added advantage of emailing to key contacts, If you are conducting a job search or do routine B2B networking then paying the $50 monthly fee is a worthy investment. Another option is to take advantage of recently introduced software that help you more easily manage the business uses of LinkedIn.

So back to the issue of using LinkedIn to promote your personal brand. The primary reason you want to upgrade your LinkedIn profile is to develop a dynamic marketing page that reflects your personal brand. Whether you are a company or an individual, your LinkedIn profile often initiates a starting point to optimize your Online Presence. This includes networking, sharing dynamic content, and establishing new & exciting business relationships.

During your review of your personal profile you should pay close attention to your title, which is just under your name. Transform your title with a captivating call-to-action statement. In fact, it should be a reflection of your primary area of expertise. Although the LinkedIn Summary is limited to 2000 characters, it provides plenty of space to highlight your personal brand in a simple and concise manner.

You may want to include your testimonials of your past work, since reviews often reflect one’s integrity and work ethic. The primary reason to include 3rd party testimonials is to establish trust with your prospective networkers or clients. It actually takes 6-10 FIVE Star Reviews to establish trust. Continuing with the Summary you will want to include your products or services, highlight your approach to business, define your ideal customer or client and even touch base on your biggest challenge. Most of this information is pretty straight forward but it provides great way to introduce your personal story.

Overall the strategy is to highlight your Call-To-Action Title with a powerful Summary that will attract possible employers, attract potential new employees and even possible networkers. That’s was LinkedIn is all about. Forming new and fulfilling business relationships is the GOAL. For more information click here to see a short video on the Transforming your LinkedInProfile.

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How I Passed the Drone Test Part 107

I have taken the script from the video and transcribed it in first person.  If one question helps, it makes a difference.

“Well. I just finished up my drone test. I am filming in the car.  So, the big deal is my surprise. I’ve taken a lot of FAA tests before. I am a pilot and a licensed mechanic. This FAA test did not follow the study guide like I thought it would. I was surprised there were several questions that were not in the FAA study guide. It is going to take me a day or at least a night to sort the test out. In the morning, we will talk about the bottom line of the test.

“Alright!  It is the day after the test and it is time to have an adult conversation about the Part 107 UAS written test.   A friend of mine told me that he had a friend who flew UAV’s for a long time and he got a 95% on the test.

“I told him I thought it wasn’t true.  He said his friend had been flying for a long time and I told him it didn’t matter. Here is why… just flying UAV’s doesn’t cut it. They asked this question, “If your company was going to establish a safety management system, what steps would you want to go through?”   Safety management systems are something that scheduled airlines have. That was not in the Part 107 Test Guide.

“There was another question, “Which conditions result in the formation of frost?”

“A) The temperature of the collecting surface is at or below freezing when small droplets of moisture fall on the surface.

“B) The temperature of the collecting surface is at or below dew point of the adjacent air and the dew point is below freezing.

“C) The temperature of the surrounding air is at or below freezing when small droplets of moisture fall on the collecting surface.

“That was not in this book. I am on page 25 of the FAA’s Remote Pilot Study Guide and it is not in the book. The reason I found this is they use the question for the commercial pilot written test. That is why it is out there and how I found the database question.

“So, what I am saying is there is a lot stuff not in the study guide. Now to get the right answer you have to go to the Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge.  This is the handbook they use for private pilots. The other thing that I want to talk about is the human factor. The problem is the “I Am Safe” checklist.  You have to memorize what each one of these letters represents. They asked me what the “M” stands for. I don’t think you have to memorize it to fly a UAV in Afghanistan. I’ve taken several FAA tests.  I am a private pilot. I’ve taken the FAA private pilot written test, instrument written test, air frame test, FAA general test and the FAA power-plant test.

“So I’ve taken a few tests and this is typical FAA bureaucracy. They really have a hard test and they also put things that are in the information that is on the test. This means you to have to study the test questions and frankly you are going to have to memorize some of this stuff if you want to get through this test with a Pass. There are plenty of blog posts and plenty of people who’ve gone out and failed this test. There are also people who’ve passed. There are people who say they’ve got a 100% and I find that very hard to believe based on the fact that there’s questions on this test from the commercial pilot exam.

“Now that we’ve got a few people who have taken the test, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what is on the exam.  I hope this has helped you a lot. We do have an online training program. UAV Training Group, there is a box to click to find out more. We will continue to put out more video content to help everybody as they navigate through this written test.”

As found on Youtube

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Year-Round Aerial Ag Mapping Sets New Standard in Precision Farming

More farmers are now using aerial technology and remote sensing data for Precision Farming decision-making.  Aerial Imagery is rapidly becoming a routine procedure in the management of crop workflow.

A bare earth map is a great way to catch drainage and irrigation issues early

Frank Segarra, President at Connexicore, is pleased to announce the availability of the 2018 Agriculture Whitepaper. Mr. Segarra goes on to say, “It’s really not a surprise that Drones now have a year-round presence in agriculture. From using drone maps to assess drainage tiles to determine if irrigation systems are functioning correctly, to using an elevation map to assess the slope of a field to determine if new drainage tile is needed, drones play a key role in planning. It’s not unusual for the resultant plan to show both the location and number of tiles needed to get the job done.”

With over 20 years of industry experience, ConnexiCore is deeply engaged in several inter-related aspects of drone management and the systems to support business workflow in Agriculture. Connexicore has quickly become one of the most recognized, full-scale drone solution providers in the marketplace.  ConnnexiCore is committed to the delivery of solutions that meet the client’s requirements from taking an abstract idea, to establishing the deployment of a timely workflow.


A bare earth map is a great way to catch drainage and irrigation issues early, before they turn into bigger problems next growing season.  This kind of mapping can easily be done before the ground freezes.

To best view drainage tiles, map your field in the morning after a rain, when the soil is still wet but beginning to dry out.  Aerial Imagery will show the red areas are the driest and the green areas are still relatively wet, signifying that they might not be draining as fast as the rest of the field. An elevation map is also a useful tool here.

Although a standard drone map (without the use of ground control points) shouldn’t be used to determine the actual coordinates for laying drainage tiles, it can still help you assess how a field slopes, decide if tile is needed, and make a general plan for the location and number of tiles.

Additionally, to detect potential problem areas with an above-surface irrigation system, an RGB (using color values) map or crop health map is ideal. Excess water may build below the surface before any issues can be seen above ground.  By reviewing a RGB map a lot of irrigation issues, like flat or sunken tires, or plugged nozzles, can be spotted early.


One of the best things about drones is the opportunity to analyze issues in real time. This means the same drone maps used at the height of the growing season to make a difference are also invaluable when it comes time for a post-season debrief.

By reviewing side-by-side maps and integrating this new data with historical field data?—?such as soil type, soil sample, planting, and yield data?—?you gain a true picture of field’s performance.  With a greater understanding of what happened, exactly where it happened, and at what point in time, you can make smarter crop management decisions to maximize next year’s yield.


If you want more details, compare your drone maps with other information, like harvest, yield, variety, and spraying maps.  This points out the importance of using Cloud based data points.  All you have to do is import the necessary field maps from the software.  Better yet, you can also export orthomosaic, plant health, and elevation maps.  The end result is a complete history  of how crops are being grown.

As spring arrives and planting approaches, it’s a good idea to map your bare field one last time.  A preseason barren earth map, combined with targeted ground-truthing, can help you understand what pests and weeds have come up as a result of heavy rains or severe weather.

If any issues do exist, you can use ConnexiCore plant health tools to assess how much spraying may be needed and where to apply it. When it comes to “time to plant,” you will have better knowledge of the field health.


Just as the off season is the time to take stock of equipment, maintenance, and staffing needs, it’s also the time to create a seasonal flight plan.  Flying at regular intervals creates a consistent record of what a field looks like over time and gives you more information to work with when it comes time to make those big, mid-season decisions.

If you go into the busiest months with a pre-established calendar, you’ll be more likely to stay consistent even when things get busy.  So exactly how often should you fly your fields?  This varies depending on your situation, but in general, consider the value of a particular crop and the distance of the field from your headquarters.  Strive for flying the most convenient and high-value crops each week, and the less convenient crops biweekly.


JAN/FEB:  Purchase Equipment, Necessary software, Drone service

MAR:  Soil Mapping, Historical maps

APR: Planting

MAY: Replanting

JUN/JUL/AUG:  Crop Scouting, Application decisions, Irrigation Needs, Yield projections

SEP:  Harvest

OCT:  Drainage Repair

NOV/DEC:  Evaluate & Plan


ConnexiCore is committed to partnering with companies through innovation, advancing groundbreaking information technologies and creating synergies so customers can take advantage of ConnexiCore’s entire geospatial and industrial services, including Precision FarmingClick here to see a video on ConnexiCore Flight Services.

Contact Kim Kersten at 800-874-9640 Ext 703 or for a copy of the 2018 Agricultural White Paper or for more information.


Top 8 Strategies to Optimize Your Personal Branding

I am pleased to share with you my Passion through a personal branding statement. My branding statement is really an evolution of my past 4 years in internet marketing. So Here Goes!!

“I support entrepreneurs, consultants, and professional business owners. These 3 business types all need to optimize their online presence to grow their business. Although I may not have all the answers, I do provide knowledge or business solutions that shorten the learning curve and get you on your way to more business & more sales.”

I am going to provide a quick perspective on some great resources that are critical in getting greater online visibility.

1. Business Listings – Every business needs to optimize their online listings or directories. This starts with the major search engine Google. You need to Verify your “GoogleMyBusiness” Listing and participate in Google+ and Google Maps. You need to include other search engine listings and social media listings. It is no longer just NAP or name address & phone. You need to appreciate the value of enriched content, which can increase your views 4-fold. Being a Yext Certified Partner, I can help businesses with their online directories. Typically, we work with 70+ directories. Month to month plans are readily available.

2. Social Media Profiles– Focus on your online profile. Using a strong personal branding statement establishes you as an authority figure in your business niche. You may want to begin with LinkedIn. Virtually everyone in business is listed on LinkedIn. Use a call-to-action statement for your title. This is eye catching and will get that person to get more information from your profile. Don’t minimize the value of your profile. People go there to check out what you do.

3. Reputation Management – Customer testimonials are so important in building trust. Prospective clients will most likely go online and search for reviews, whether it be on Yelp or another search engine directory. It is important to engage with your customers or clients to provide feedback on your products or services. It takes a least 6 FIVE Star reviews to establish trust.

4. Video – Video has many applications in business. Whether a video is used to promote a testimonial or to advertise your product or services people just out prefer video. It’s visual and easy to see. Don’t forget that YouTube is the #2 search engine. This means YES. DO VIDEO! I do produce 60 second promo videos and 2 minute LinkedIn PROFILE VIDEOS. When you are ready for a LinkedIn review give me a call.

5. Keywords – Know your keywords. This is what drives the ship in online visibility. It is important to do your homework on your competition. Know their keywords. Key words work for your website, social postings and your videos. Insert your keywords into LinkedIn searches and Google Searches.  You may be surprised on what you see.  Contact me for assistance at any time.

6. The Web Site or Blog site is used to further define your branding. I do not get overly involved in website development. I do create Lead Generating Sites for a particular niche since key words and SEO are primary drivers for lead development. Consider getting a Mobile App solution.  Although only 33% of the small business web sites are mobile optimized, it is safe to say this number is rapidly changing. Mobile users are far more receptive to “push notifications” versus emails, hence the mobile app is a fantastic opportunity to promote a business.

7. I provide a Media Expert solution. This is a process where you create a press release, using your personal branding statement and post on a national network affiliate. This allows you to state “…as seen on network news” on your social media profile, website, or business correspondence.

8.  Lastly, text marketing is rapidly becoming a new practice.  Open rates for text messages exceed 90%.  Text marketing vendors offer different applications, including keyword texting, group texting, texting campaigns and even connections to a CRM.

To summarize, I support entrepreneurs, consultants & small business owners with innovative online business solutions to optimize their online visibility and reputation.

So that’s it for now. Thank you for tuning in.

Sell Real Estate Faster with Drone Marketing

BACKGROUND:  According to MLS statistics, homes with aerial images sold 68 percent faster than homes with standard images. Video tours incorporating drone footage are a great way to make property stand out and attract new listings.

According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), 73 percent of homeowners say they are more likely to list with a real estate agent who uses video to market their home.  Yet surprisingly, only 9 percent of agents create listing videos.

Buyers of multi-million-dollar homes often shop online first, so they expect high-quality photography and video in the online listing or they won’t bite.  It’s hard to argue that in the luxury property market, drone photography has upped the real estate marketing game in a big way.

Stunning Aerial Views of Luxury Properties

The 3 Benefits of Using Drone Technology in Real Estate

1. Additional Images and Video

Before drones became accessible to the real estate market, aerial photos and videography were limited to lower quality satellite images or expensive photo shoots that sometimes would include helicopters.

Today, FAA licensed commercial drone services provide a cost effective and visually stunning alternative — and can be used as a buzz worthy mention to move the sale along. Drones also provide a way for prospective home buyers to experience a video or photo tour in an online home listing before taking the time to physically visit the house.

Using this technology can help to diminish the extensive time it takes to tour available homes and can speed along the home transaction.

2. Catch Potential Property Problem Areas

While residential or commercial inspectors are trained to uncover potential problems of a structure, drones can offer another layer and detailed point of view to the inspections. Drones are invaluable when inspecting steep/high roofs, chimneys and areas that might otherwise be inaccessible.

Drones offer great versatility in Marketing

Additionally, drones can:

  • Catalog and thermally map moisture penetration in commercial flat roof installations
  • Locate and map thermal faults caused by gaps in insulation. Detect HVAC leaks before filtering into the roofing insulation
  • Safely perform building inspections within minutes. Utilizing drone technology can now help and assist qualified commercial & residential inspectors reduce the unknown and potentially save the prospective purchaser the cost of previously undiscovered issues.

3. A Clear View of the Land

Drones have the capability to show an entire property, which is especially beneficial when the area is expansive and includes additional features like stables, acreage, farmland or even a second dwelling. This also benefits home inspectors when looking for things that can sometimes be challenging to identify when conducting inspections on foot.

Stunning perspective of a luxury property

Take the time to learn how Connexicore can be the right partner in your luxury marketing initiatives.  We provide a clear and concise Statement of Work that provides transparency in the project.  Services are available nationwide.

You can contact Kim Kersten at or at 1-800-874-9640 ext 703.

Know Your Statement of Work

UAV Drone Flight Services – 8 Benchmarks in Customer Service & Cloud Delivery 2018

Connexicore is now using Best Practices and Processes to establish a Benchmark for their UAV Drone Flight Services platform to increase overall efficiency, lower costs, empower their drone flight crews to do their best work without wasting time and to scale to meet clients’ increasing demands.  The Connexicore Drone Flight Services Platform, offered nationwide, includes a Benchmark in Cloud Delivery and Customer Service.  This document is simply the Connexicore Statement of Work.

Know Your Statement of Work
Advanced Panning for Drone Surveys is a Best Practice

1.  Project Management

Connexicore focuses on Customer Requirements.  This includes getting the right information and communicating well.  In order to provide the best service, expectations need to be understood.  If there is not a match, then the job is declined. During the initial due diligence, the team reviews legal status, use of a validated air space map, necessary permissions, permits, licenses, insurance needs and the most cost-effective way to achieve the best results.

2.  Operations Planning

Once expectations, timing and necessary resources are reviewed, planning moves forward.  This key step insures the crews operates as efficiently as possible.

3.  Evaluate Airspace

Connexicore uses a validated air-space map to verify the location of the project.  Upon review it may be necessary to apply for a waiver from the FAA.  If the project requires flying over private property, then special permission is acquired.  Scheduling can be altered due to timeliness of permission requirements.

4.  Create a Flight Area

Depending on the size of the flight area, the ConnexiCore Cloud platform creates the flight area for their crew so they know exactly where they need to go.

5.  Marking Points of Interest

Connexicore Flight Crews know all key points of interest including rally points, potential take off areas, where they need to fly and all data collection requirements.  All Points of Interest and Records are reviewed prior to the activity.  This removes any guesswork in the field.

6.  Other Scheduling Considerations

Connexicore reviews the map to determine if blocking off public access is required.  It will be determined if the crew needs escort or supervision.   Screenshots of the flight plan are shared with the customer and contingency planning accommodates inclement weather.

7.  Execution of the Flight

On the day of the flight the validated drone airspace map is checked one additional time.  Connexicore is prepared to deal with temporary flight restrictions.  Oftentimes, the problem areas can be worked out with the regulators.

8.  Finalizing the Project

As soon as the Connexicore Team finishes the project the flight is immediately logged, including both what the humans did and what the aircraft did.  These two data points become the System of Record.

Connexicore logs all flights to maintain credentials of their pilots.  This enables a record to indicate any training requirements or being prepared for any audits.  This is a Standard Operating Procedure.  The process of tracking Pilot hours is important in maintaining standards of professionalism and credibility of the pilots.

Following Up on a Statement of Work
There are many industrial applications for Drone Flight Services.

Deliverability is the key to Customer Satisfaction.  Connexicore Drones capture enormous amounts of data quickly and efficiently.  Data is packaged for the customer in a way to highlight the goal of the flight objectives.  Often-times, raw data needs to be interpreted to make it usable for the customer.  Secondly, regulations and airspace considerations for a specific location always need to be considered.  Areas around airports require special care and attention.  Regulatory authorization is always important, especially as it applies to different categories of airspace.  Connexicore includes regulatory considerations as part of their final product.

Contact or 1-800-874-9640 Ext 703 for more information.  Click here to visit the website.

37 Reasons to Do a Press Release

37 Reasons to Do a Press Release

The power of the Press Release is not fully realized by small business. Here’s why it needs to be reconsidered as a trusted marketing strategy.  There really are 37 Reasons to do a Press Release.

The Google Algorithm

We all know GOOGLE maintains an algorithm that ultimately determines online ranking.

  • The Location of the searcher to a physical business makes a difference.
  • The Physical Address of a business is determined by the number of times and consistency an address and other contact details appear in online searches.  This results in a citation for the address and site.
  • Google knows where a business is by tracking the location of peoples’ phones.

So here is the bottom line.

With more citations, you get more ranking power for a specific business AND the type of business it represents.

Graphic provided by Press Cable

Get Safe Citations with Google

A press release can get you over 300 of these Google “safe” citations in under 24 hours, literally overnight.  It is unclear whether it is the citation that causes the increase in ranking, or the increase in click-through traffic by potential customers.  It seems to be the two working together generates great results for local businesses.

Either way, it is clear the address is a critical component of the press release.

When you couple the address with a search for non-standard long-tailed keywords showing buyers’ intent you set the stage for sustained ranking power on Google.  Why not add the Press Release to your Online Marketing Strategies.  It’s smart business.

The End Result of a Press Release

The end result is an…

  • efficient
  • fast running
  • successful
  • powerful marketing campaign.

Click here for 37 Reasons to do a Press Release.


Enriched Listings for Directories Make a Difference

Virtually every business uses online directories.  To be successful, businesses need to be found.  The question is, do businesses have enough directories?  In addition, do they have the right directories? I am asking the latter question only because niche directories can make a big difference.  Businesses often neglect TripAdvisor.  If the Business is located in an area with a key attraction (wine country, recreation spot, famous landmark, etc.), then yes, by all means TripAdvisor is a MUST HAVE for any business in that GEO-LOCATION.

I have recommended businesses have 20-30 directories.  Yes, more is better.  Click here if you  are not sure about your own directories.

Directories are important, but let’s talk about Enriched Content for your directories.

ENRICHED CONTENT FOR LISTINGS DEFINED:  So let’s talk about the information used to complete each directory because today not all directory services are the same.  You have to take a look at what information goes into  the directory. Click here >> THIS IS A MUST DO!  Let me tell you what “enriched content for listings” is all about.  An enriched content for listings includes additional information fields other than NAP (name, address, phone).

A recent study (The Yext 2015 Comparative Listings Study) analyzed 14 popular listing information fields to identify which fields could increase customer engagement and foot traffic.  The Study Fields included URL, Twitter handle, FB page URL, email, calendar, gallery (photos), Menu (restaurant or services), Product List, Logo, videos, Descriptions, hours, payment options and special offer.


Across the board, all 14 fields had a positive impact on all four metrics of engagement when compared to a minimally (1/14) completed listing.

  • Searches increased 347%.
  • Yelp had 214% more page views.
  • Listing views increased 416%.

In addition, specific fields, when completed for Major Verticals, influenced listing views.  These Verticals include:

  • Food & Dining – URL’s  +85%
  • Retail – Payment Options  +105%
  • Financial Services – Hours  +190%
  • Automotive – Logo  +141%
  • Hospitality – Videos  +117%

This strongly suggests businesses need to go beyond Name, Address & Phone for their listings.  LISTINGS NOW NEED TO BE CONSIDERED AS A NEW MARKETING CHANNEL.


  1. For Yelp, listings with hours received 120% more page views.  This likely is due to Mobile Users
  2. Links to Twitter & Facebook receive 54% to 83% more more listing views
  3. Listings with photos, videos & descriptions receive 45% to 61% more listing views. I suggest this content is readily available and can be easily re-purposed for online directories.
  4. Enhanced content lists such as calendars, menus & product lists receive up to 120% more listing views.  This is especially important for beauty & restaurants.

CONCLUSION:  Businesses now have an opportunity to paint a more compelling picture for their new customers. ENRICHED LISTINGS HAS NOW BECOME  A BEST PRACTICE IN ONLINE MARKETING. The additional information is simple and easily obtained.   Click here to run your own listing report.

I can now help you update all your directories in a matter of 24 hours.  All directories will have the same identical information.

The Online Scorecard Helps Define Your Brand

There are a couple of new products in the market that will be a great resource for businesses to further define their brand.  One of these new resources is the Online Scorecard (OSC)Click here to see your Online Scorecard.  You may also hear the term Reputation Scorecard.

Here is what the Scorecard offers:

  1. Visibility Grade & Summary: The OSC provides both the national & local directories you are aligned with and whether or not any updates are required.  This may be as simple as updating the address or phone number.  The OSC also shows the number of Reviews with each directory.   The OSC also provides a summary.
  2. Reputation Grade: The SC indicates whether you have reviews with listings.  No reviews with a listing will lessen your score.  This provides opportunity to get more reviews posted on more listings.
  3. Negative Reviews: The OSC will show the Negative Reviews.  You can also see the Positive Reviews.  All Reviews in chronological order.   The key take away is Positive Reviews will displace the Negative Review.  This is especially true if there is a Feedback Review Process in place.
  4. Video Visibility Grade: The OSC will reflect a video presence in an Online Search, Website and YouTube.  Videos are now frequently used to market businesses. Over 50% of all consumers routinely look for videos to judge a business.
  5. Great Analytics: Good decision making always requires good data.  You get it here.
  6. Opportunity to built equity: An ongoing program to gain new customers and market to current customers provides greater value when you decide to sell your business.

So that’s the Online Scorecard.  Click here to see your Online Scorecard.  You will need your Business Name, Business Phone and Email to get access to your free Online Scorecard ($197 Value).

One of the biggest challenges to small businesses is how do you manage the negative testimonial.   I recently spoke with an insurance agent about this issue.  She is dealing with a negative review posted on a major directory and she didn’t even know the person who wrote the review.  It appears the business is always last to know if a negative testimonial is posted.

If you have read my previous postings you will know the market is more demanding good information. This is another great reason why the Online Scorecard is a breakthrough product.   In fact, 92% of consumers go online for information to judge a business. More than 96% of Millenials need to see at least 6-10 FIVE STAR REVIEWS to gain trust in a business.  This revealing statistic can be interpreted to mean, “5 STAR REVIEWS” are the key to building a brand in today’s world.  Whether you own a restaurant or a healthcare practice, you need 5 STAR REVIEWS to keep your business growing & busy.

It is obvious small businesses need to be proactive in optimizing the 5 STAR REVIEW process.  The SIGN IN System is a great resource to facilitate 5 STAR REVIEWS.  The SIGN IN System (click here to see a SIGN IN example) provides the business an option to send their customers a SMS text or email for feedback on their recent experience with a product and/or service.  The Feedback Review is a powerful tool to overcome any negative testimonials.

The Online Scorecard is an excellent resource to help you make good marketing decisions.  Here are some easy to implement strategies:

  1. The SIGN IN Form makes your Feedback Reviews far easier to facilitate.
  2. Expand your online presence by adding more national directories.
  3. Add Videos to your marketing strategies.
  4. Focus on 5 STAR REVIEWS. It negates negative Reviews and means more business.
  5. Contact Kim Kersten at 707-372-0742 to discuss any of the above strategies.

Click here to access your Online Scorecard.

Marketing Online Testimonials

Today’s post will review the value of the online testimonial.  If you take a look at statistics you will realize you really need to focus on generating 5 STAR REVIEWS for your business.  Here’s why:

  • 92% of Consumers use online reviews to judge a local business.
  • 97% of those aged 18-34 use online reviews to judge a local business.
  • It takes 6-10 “5 STAR REVIEWS” to increase sales 19%.

Yes, online reputation has taken a front seat in how businesses should market their products and/or services.  This means you have to budget for reputation development.  I expect reputation will be part of the Marketing Budget.  Click here to access your Reputation Report.

So let’s take a look at the National Directories where online testimonials are posted.  My information comes from online research and personal experience.

YELP.COM:  Yelp is currently the most frequently used site for local business reviews.  Yelp has 135 million visitors and now has over 71 million reviews.  Most of the users are 25-35 years old and 72% are college educated with 54% having a salary exceeding $75,000.

GOOGLE+:  Being Google makes it a no-brainer.  It has such a huge search engine.  You will want to tap in Google+ Local.  You do have to set up a Google Account.  This is well worth it, since you will be accessing Google Search, Google Maps and even YouTube. Keep in mind video marketing is here to stay and should be part of any reputation marketing initiative.  Google search results point to reviews and not websites 80% of the time.

FACEBOOK:  Facebook offers several options for businesses, as long as you are set up with a local address.  This will allow you to use the FB Page, which has the capability to use a formalized review feature to connect with customers.  More information is available at the FB Help Center.  Whether it be video, photos or just excellent written commentary FB offers a check-in feature for people visiting their favorite restaurant.

ANGIE’S LIST:  Angie’s List is now a household name and offers some nice features.  The site is known for honest and accurate information about local businesses.  Users pay a membership fee to write and read reviews.  The grading system uses a letter grade. Businesses can sign up and provides facts about their business, respond to reviews and interact with members.  Angie’s list does offer discounts for high grades and will solicit reviews for businesses.

SUMMARY:  So that covers some of the major national directories. There are others you will want to consider, including Amazon, Better Business Bureau, YellowPages,, GoodSnitch, 4 Square, Trip Advisor and Manta.  If you are doing business in a niche, then be sure to review the niche directories.

It is smart to list your business with multiple directories to focus on generating 5 STAR REVIEWS.”  Keep in mind your clients, customers or patients may favor one national directory over another. Spreading your base allows for this flexibility and offers a fast way to enhance your online reputation.

Click here to access your Reputation Report.  Be sure to reach out to me for more information.  I have a great solution to help you expand and build your online reputation.